Django the easy way:

Django The Easy Way: A step-by-step guide on building Django websites

Author: Samuli Natri
Pub Date: 2018
Django is a very powerful Python Web Framework. You can use it to build everything from simple websites to big high traffic systems.
But starting with Django can be a daunting experience for beginners. The purpose of this book is to guide you through the essential concepts with pragmatic step-by-step examples. You will learn how to build a complete website and deploy it in a real world production environment.
The focus is on Django basic concepts so covering other technologies is kept at minimum. Its helpful to know some Python, HTML, and CSS but you dont need to have any previous experience with those or web development in general to be able to follow the book.
You will learn things like:

How to setup PyCharm for Django (you can use any editor).
How to organize the project and add a base app to hold common assets.
How template inheritance works.
How to reuse common template items like grids and pagination.
How to work with models, views and urls.
How to use GIT and Bitbucket to version control and deploy your code.
How to style all features with SASS (or CSS) and Gulp.
How to create a responsive design.
How to generate thumbnails.
How to use relationships (ManyToMany, OneToMany and Foreignkey) in practical contexts.
How to create custom forms to add and edit content.
How to create and extend class based views.
How to create a custom search.
How to create an authentication system (sign-in, login, logout and reset password).
How to restrict access with groups, permissions and decorators.
How to add a user profile page.
How to add inline fields to the admin area.
How to do test driven development (TDD).
How to translate the website.
How to create custom error pages.
How to setup a production environment with Digitalocean, PostgreSQL, Nginx and Gunicorn.
How to use fixtures to apply initial data.
How to setup domain, HTTPS, Email and Caching with Memcached.
and a lot more.

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